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Today, the family, health professionals and educators team up to play a nurturing role in caring for children with developmental disability. Whatever condition your loved one may have, there is a revolution of possibilities that fills a young life with hope.

Kliens Educational & Health Care Services, Inc. believes that the right combination of therapy and support can make your loved one live independently in their future life. We can do this with early intervention by compassionate educators and health professionals. In time, your loved ones will eventually be transferred to a normal classroom and even compete with other kids.

Mission Statement
Kliens mission is to enrich and improve the quality of life of each client that we serve; by providing Educational, Therapeutic/ Recreational Services, Support Services consultation and health care services that are developmentally appropriate and consistent with the needs of each client.

Our Philosophy
Kliens belives that every individual is unique and have the potential to achieve and succeed, regardless of individual disabilities. Therefore, Kliens seeks to offer a program that is consistent with the client's needs and individual learning style. Kliens do also belive in creating a learning enviroment where the client can thrive intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.

Kliens vision is to join other state agencies, the local school system and other related service providers to network and provide educational, support services and valuable resources to our clients and their families.

Kliens Goal
Kliens goal is to work with children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other multiple challenges regardless of their individual differences and intellectual abilities. Kliens seeks to achieve this goal by providing comprehensive educational services using best practices through Kliens administration, educational and support services staff. Kliens will seek to develop programs effective home treatment programs and therapeutic services in order to ensure that all clients are provided with the opportunities to acquire independent skills, positive self- esteem and become productive member of the community. Furthermore, Kliens goal is to ensure that our clients are provided services by using methods and practices that can enable the clients to be successful, and have as well proven to be effective teaching practices for home and community - based programs.

In general, Kliens goal is developed in light of the philosophy that every individual is unique and have the potential to achieve and succeed regardless of individual differences. By providing comprehensive educational services through the administration and implementation of effective home/ community based programs using the best practices that will educate and support the clients learning style.

Underlying the concept that every indidvual has the potential to achieve and succeed. Kliens further developed the following goals in light of the philosophy and mission statement. Kliens will strive:

  • To assist individuals with developmental challenges to become self- sufficient and live a sustainable life.
  • To provide developmentally appropriate services in the last restrictive enviroment
  • To prevent and minimize the rate of institutional care by providing appropriate home and community based, child- centered program that is tailored to the needs of each indivdual.
  • To promote the general welfare of the clients and their families.
  • To plan, design, and implement direct service programs that will increase the capacity for independence for the clients in the area of daily living skills, adaptive behavior, and language/communication, social / emotional skills, academic support, socialization skills, vocational skills, motor skills, recreation and leisure skills and behavior management skills.

To meet the needs of the individuals we serve through educational, transitional and vocational programs such as:

  • Therapeutic and Recreational Programs
  • Day Programs
  • Community - Based Instructional Programs
  • Academic Support Skills
  • Language / Communication Skills
  • Independent Life Skills Training/ Coaching
  • Job Training

Our approach begins with play which aims to develop the physical, cognitive, language, emotional and social skills of each child. Play becomes a strategy of getting into the child's mind and how this can be transformed into a chance of learning. Learn more about our method and other services by calling us - 301 - 879 - 7980.

Kliens Educational & Health Care Services, Inc.

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Our Team
Our team is a group of health professionals who have known autism and other disabilities with expertise.
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Learning and Play
Toys helps a child learn about themselves and their environment.
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