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Kliens Educational & Health Care Services, Inc. provides educational, therapeutic and health care services to children and adults with various challenges. Kliens provides high quality services for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and associated developmental disabilities.

The services are designed to enhance optimum capacity for independence, in the areas of Daily Living Skills, Social Communication Skills, Cognitive, Academic Support, and Sensory Motor Skills, Recreational and Leisure Skills.

The services are tailored to meet each individual's needs. Kliens strive to maximize individual potential in a least restrictive and supportive enviroment. We also strive to assist individuals with mulitple challenges to gain and function independently in their homes as well as other social/ community settings. In general, Kliens programs are tailored for the unique needs of the client we serve.

On the other hand, Kiens also provides cost-effect health care services, such as nurse staffing services to hospitals, group homes, assisted living facilities, and other related care institutions. The health care services are provided to children and adults, from infancy to geriatric age.

We are licensed by the State of Maryland and have seen the many chances of guiding a child through development. Let us give you a hand. The earlier we understand the nature and degree of disability, the greater chances we have of helping your loved one achieve his/her fullest potential. Consult our team today! For more information, please send us message.

Kliens Educational & Health Care Services, Inc.

13439 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20904

Phone:  301-879-7980
Fax:      301-879-7982

Email: klienseducation@yahoo.com

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Our Team
Our team is a group of health professionals who have known autism and other disabilities with expertise.
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Learning and Play
Toys helps a child learn about themselves and their environment.
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