We emphasize commitment as one of our principles. Here at Kliens Educational & Health Care Services, Inc., we encourage passionate volunteers to join us in making a difference in children's lives. If you have exemplary patience, respect for individuality, empathy and the willpower in the face of difficulty, then this vocation is for you. In this profession, it is not about seeing the future with a vision only for your own self. You must also be able to see the future with a vision for the welfare of children with special needs and determining how you can become part of that vision.

Kliens Educational & Health Care Services, Inc.

13439 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20904

Phone:  301-879-7980
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Email: klienseducation@yahoo.com

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Our Team
Our team is a group of health professionals who have known autism and other disabilities with expertise.
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Learning and Play
Toys helps a child learn about themselves and their environment.
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